Saturday 30 July 2016
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Written by Bro. Tony Jukes, SSS   
THE VIII Provincial Chapter of the Province of Saints Peter and Paul Province (Great Britain and Ireland) which met from 7th - 12th February 2010 had as its theme: Appreciating where we have been:looking forward to where we are going as disciples of Fr. Eymard and apostles of the Eucharist. 

Father Peter Dowling, presently local Superior of our community in Glasgow and Parish Priest of St. Anthony's Parish in Govan, Glasgow, was elected Provincial Superior. Also a new Provincial Council was elected: Fr. Gary Walsh, Vicar Provincial, Fr. Jim Campbell, Provincial Treasurer, and Br. Timothy McLaughlin.

We were gladly joined in our meetings by Fr. Hans van Schijdel, SSS, General Consultor.

The Chapter agenda included a particularly important item: the Restructuring of the Province of St. Peter and St. Paul. Sharing with us their own experience of the SSS European scene of amalgamation of some of the provinces, we had the joy of welcoming Fr. Maurits Gijsbrechts, Provincial Superior of St. Joseph's Province, and Fr. Eugene van Heijst, his Vicar Provincial. Our Chapter decided to amalgamate - in due course - with the existing Province of St. Joseph which now incorporates the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Mozambique.

Our Chapter also had the benefit when discussing Collaboration of the Laity in our Mission of having present some of the laity actively involved in our life in our communities. Their presence and contribution was of value and significance, and much appreciated in the unity they bring and have with us in living our Eucharistic charism in the life of our local Churches.


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